Monday, March 13, 2006

Racial differences in intelligence

I have been forced out of a busy work schedule to deal with the outcome of research undertaken by an idle Havard economist and his comrade. Their paper is titled:
The abstract starts:
"On tests of intelligence, Blacks systematically score worse than Whites,
whereas Asians frequently outperform Whites."
...So yet another round of research and funding to split society into racial hate, because absolutely nothing positive can come out of such an undertaking.
After reading the paper, (full pdf here), Chris Dillow (Investor's Chronicle/Stumbling and mumbling) asks: "...If there are no innate differences in mental abilities between blacks and whites, why do black boys do so badly at school, in both the US and UK? Are black boys held back by teacher racism or by "black culture" or what?"
I have offered the following response:
I challenge you to pose your above question to an audience of mainly Black and Asian people and I can guarantee that it will cause offence. The fact that I see no expression of such an offence in your blog suggests that your readers are mostly white, which means that you may find a few sympathisers and even those ridiculous enough to try to rationalise your question, maybe even using economics to do it.
Well, let me help you out:"If there are no innate differences in mental abilities between blacks and whites, why do black boys do so badly at school, in both the US and UK?"
The DIRECTION of this question suggests that you believe in White intellectual supremacy over blacks, otherwise you wouldn't ask why blacks do worse if it is not because they are intellectually inferior? And I see no argument offering other reasons, such as the possibility of a systemic failure of their teachers to see beyond their own prejudice.
The premise of this question is extremely racist. In an audience of non-whites, it will not be construed in any other way. Maybe you have to be a minority to see it, but it's a fact. It is people with questions like these in their heads - teaching in schools with a predisposition - that worsen the stereotype and cause it to happen. I know of a young black boy who represented our country abroad in foreign languages and was by far the best performer in his entire borough and probably the next. He went to the best colleges in London only to be categorically told to his face BY HIS TEACHERS that people like him (black, ethnic minority) didn't belong in top universities. Some other teachers told him - ironically as an encouragement - that he would get in because he was black. There was no consideration of the fact that he was probably a genius, NO!! The teachers predicated the outcome of his education upon favours from the "system" because of his race, not because he was obviously and overwhelmingly intelligent and an excellent achiever. This is a perfect example because it presents a scenario of an obviously very gifted child being deliberately mentally degraded by the people that he looks up to, i.e.: his teachers!!!
I have many other examples from well achieved Blacks and Asians, people that I know personally, where their careers advisers in school tried to discourage them from pursuing science or maths related degrees for economics, etc, urging them instead to pursue music or NVQs (or whatever they call them these days). What I see is a career adviser who is acting upon their view that the minority child in front of them is incapable, purely based on thier race.
Because my examples capture both boys and girls from different schools, in different rankings of the league tables (top to bottom) and from different parts of the country, I am convinced that it is the teachers who are to blame (who are just white individuals in society who believe - actively or passively/denial - that whites are superior as a race and just happen to be teaching).
I'M DISGUSTED BY THE PERSISTENCE OF SOME IN TRYING TO ASSERT - COVERTLY OR OPENLY - A RACIAL PECKING ORDER IN MATTERS SUCH AS INTELLIGENCE. To make it as an ethnic minority, you need an opportunity, someone to give you a chance without the predisposition, the stereotype, the impatience, the intolerance, all that stuff that white kids cannot even begin to relate to.
At any given time and place, any time in the past and in the future, this sort of useless, self-fulfilling, prejudicial research will destroy rather than build on society, science, etc, regardless of whichever race the researchers are from.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tell it like it is Curious !!

Monday, March 13, 2006 4:16:00 pm  
Blogger Stunuh Jay said...

That's a farcical paper, because one has to assume that all the data they were provided with was from all the shools being equal. ANyone with two brain cells to rub together will tell you that not all schools in the united states are equal. If all Inner City Schools have received the same funding as urban schools and the same learning opportunities, well and good the results of the data analysis would be correct. But as the data they have relied upon has been provided from schools that are not all equal and the students given the same educational platform the paper is pure hogwash.

Monday, March 13, 2006 8:46:00 pm  
Blogger alexcia said...

Please read beyond the first line of the article

Friday, May 19, 2006 2:43:00 am  
Blogger alexcia said...

Using a newly available nationally representative data set that
includes a test of mental function for children aged eight to twelve months, we find only
minor racial differences in test outcomes (0.06 standard deviation units in the raw data)
between Blacks and Whites that disappear with the inclusion of a limited set of controls.
The only statistically significant racial difference is that Asian children score slightly
worse than those of other races.

Friday, May 19, 2006 2:45:00 am  

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