Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Monkeys at the office?

Apparently, in the USA, 53% of workers say they feel like they work with a bunch of monkeys and 20% say they think their boss is a monkey. This is according to's recent "Monkey Business" survey of more than 2,050 workers across the country.
When asked to identify examples of what co-workers did that drove them nuts, respondents offered the following: (in descending order)
10. The manager who tried to get employees in another department fired for eating bagels that were reserved for an event the next day.
9. The co-worker who constantly emails the person who is sitting right next to her.
8. The co-worker who sits in a crowded cubicle area and insists on putting every conversation on speaker phone, including the exploits of the night before.
7. The boss who cut his fingernails while standing in his employee's cube.
6. The co-worker who steals other people's food from the lunch room refrigerator and then acts baffled when asked about it.
5. The co-worker who changed his job title to look more important without approval from his boss.
4. The boss who swears at the top of his lungs and occasionally throws his chair or phone down the hall.
3. The co-worker who walks up and randomly scratches other people's backs.
2. The co-worker who was caught sleeping on the job more than once and would insist he was praying.
1. The co-worker who every morning would greet her fellow employees (before they had any caffeine) with, "Are you ready for another fun and EXCITING day?!"
Of those who said their co-workers act like monkeys, 47% plan to change jobs in the next two years. But this implies that 53% are stuck in a rut (or just have inertia where their careers are concerned, at least over the next two years).
Some great advice for the global pool of labour:
"If your boss acts like Tarzan and your workplace is a zoo, it may be time to
join these [47%] workers in moving on to a better job opportunity."
...said Rosemary Haefner, Vice President of Human Resources,


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