Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Native Brits will be minority

In Laban Tall's Blog, the blogger (UK Commentators) interprets the findings on the BBC's site and decides to that his opening paragraph in his article titled "Our Future" should start:

"These figures don't alter the big picture (that Native Brits will be a minority by the end of the century) but they do illuminate it rather well."

Though this is likely to be true, I wonder if Laban has considered that native Americans (America Indians) were actually almost wiped out by emigrating Brits and are now (many years on) not even remembered by mainstream America.
However, in sharp contrast to the native American situation at the time of the Brit immigrant, today’s immigrants do not bring with them weaponry to defeat and overthrow the locals. So I think the native Brit is safe unless he/she decides to leave - for whatever reason. Don't you?

However Laban concludes:

"So we see that 66% of recently arrived Indians are employed, but only 40% of Bangladeshis and 12% of Somalis. We also see that settled Kenyans, Ugandans, Zambians, Zimbabweans, Malawians, Malaysians, Zambians, Sri Lankans, even French, make up a greater proportion of the high-paid than the Native Brits. Perhaps the culture of the communities from which people come is actually more important in determining success than the dreadful racism of the natives."

Hmm, definitely food for thought.


Anonymous mshairi said...

Hi Curious, I recently saw a little of 49 - that documentary on ITV that has been following a group of people from the time they were very young. Featured was a middle aged Brit who now lives in Spain. The man was complaining that the East End (where he was born and bred) had been taken over by other cultures who knew nothing of the tradition of the East End (whatever that means)while at the same time extolling his wonderful life in Spain which was full of English pubs, restaurants and people (and implied was the fact that he didnt have to learn Spanish or deal with the natives).

The irony was that this man had done what he was accusing other people of doing and couldnt see this.

That info regarding cultures and where they come from and whether this determines their success in Britain does require some thought.

Thursday, October 13, 2005 5:07:00 pm  

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