Monday, September 05, 2005

Hurricane Katrina reveals racism

Natural disasters should unite people, not create racial tensions. This is because, in the face of an indiscriminate calamity, it is useless and irrelevant for people to be blatantly trying to enforce some tacit superiority over others.

The article: Black People "Loot", White People "Find" reveals the racist predisposition of the US media. Thankfully, not all media is this way inclined, the British media tell it like it is.
Beyond the media, there is the government, represented by its officials. When one of the people in charge of the ex post response was asked why - if after the Tsunami food aid was dropped in two days - it took them five days to action a meaningful response for New Orleans (their own country), the man just went red in the face. That speaks volumes for itself.

"Repeatedly, reporters refer to white victims clinging to life as "survivors" and "residents," while African-American victims doing the same things are called "looters" and "criminals." Disproportionately, the humanizing, "heart-breaker" stories feature white victims and families. Meanwhile, images of African-American crowds are almost invariably in the background during discussions of "criminal activity."
It took the US a few days to deploy troops in Iraq in their tens of thousands. Not only can the US foretell natural disasters with some reliable degree of accuracy, but I will go further to suggest that the government has enough demographic statistics to have a reliable estimate of how many poor people would have been unable to leave New Orleans. Unfortunately, these poor people are mostly ethnic minorities and this too would also have been known.

So, now that rampage has begun, another predetermined outcome is played. Instead of sending food to obviously alleviate the cause of looting crime (hunger, survival) the US government is sending well-fed troops to people who are extremely desperate to aggravate the situation. A gunfight is obviously inevitable.

I don't believe that a government can be this daft, I am more inclined to call a spade a spade. I thought this sort of blatant discrimination was a thing of the past.
More comments from other sources:
"Judging from the Red Cross's explanation..., government apparently feared that the Red Cross would deliver relief with too much success. So, government decided that letting people die was a better course than risking any success that the Red Cross would likely have at providing disaster relief."
"According to this Knight-Ridder report, the Red Cross isn't alone among well-respected private relief organizations kept, by government, from saving lives in New Orleans. The Salvation Army was stopped from carrying out a planned rescue operation. Here's the key part of the report:
As federal officials tried to get some control over the deteriorating situation in New Orleans, chaos was being replaced with bureaucratic rules that inhibited private relief organizations' efforts."
Some facts about New Orleans:
1. New Orleans population estimated at 462,000 (35th largest US city)
2. About 67% of the population is classified as black (African American) compared with 12% for the US as a whole.
3. The unemployment rate is close to the national average of 4.9%
4. Almost 28% of the city's population is below the poverty line.


Blogger Irena said...

This is so shocking that the high and mighty cannot save its own people or is it ,its' other population that they would rather pretend that they do not exist.
The UN in the next day or so offered its assistance but the white house didn't feel that it was necessary at that point but clearly we have all seen how beauracracy and politics can play with people's lives. Today is tuesday a week later and the blame game is escalating. I wish the way the parties are quick to respond to their critics, they were as fast when help was needed so badly.

The state of louisiana has suffered massively economically which depends mostly on its touristic attraction which will trully trickle down to teh national economy with the lost wages, the lost government revenue from taxes , the lost consumer spendings etc. The US budget is on deficit with the billions that were channelled to Iraq. There is talk of raising taxes even though Mr. Bush has denied that will not happen. .Yes millions and millions have ben raised but it will take years to put back the Louisiana to some sort of economic health.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005 5:20:00 pm  
Blogger M said...

After watching nitwit politicans having press conference after press conference i came to the conclusion that Bush and his Government cannot be taken seriously.

They just reek of double standards and insincerity.

They can mobilize almost instantly to go to war but not to save their own people.

They have been deafeningly silent on Pat Robertson's comments. Now had i said something similar about Bush they'd a a crusie missile on its way towards me.

Does anyone actually believe the words when they sing the nationl anthem?

Wednesday, September 07, 2005 7:55:00 am  

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