Monday, September 26, 2005

Discrimination versus prejudice

After reading the article, I saw a comment that provided a case-in-point example of the divide in the school of thought regarding this issue. What saddens me is that those in the school of thought that seems to justify social negatives (as within this context, statistical discrimination) do it so passionately (as expressed in their comments) that it leaves you wondering about your neighbours. I mean, do people really think this way? Is it a majority thought? I surely hope not!!!
Example text from stumbling and mumbling:
"In practice, then, many instances of statistical discrimination are intellectually wrong. In particular, they exaggerate the differences between blacks and whites. Which raises the question. Is there a point at which intellectual error becomes a moral error? "
Example reaction comment to above article:
"The same figures will also show that a black/brown person is y times more likely than their white counterpart to carry out a racist attack."
To see the entire article, click here and leave your comments, it would be interesting to see the schools of thought have it out.


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