Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Fairness and equality?

Freedom and equality? Dream on!

1. Does real freedom of speech exist or does society just say that it does?
2. Does real equality exist or do we settle for the "set" equilibriums?

Society is based on hypocrisy, where subjectivity - not objectivity – govern the way things work. For instance, it is a well-known fact that if you call a company’s customer services department to complain about poor service, the level of problem resolution and subsequent recompense that people get differs widely depending on who they speak to and their ability to articulate their discontentment.

Therefore, those in society who are both eloquent and persistent, generally get better outcomes than those who are frequently shocked speechless by the action of poor service/goods/etc. Why doesn’t society have standards/benchmarks from which everyone can benefit regardless of their ability to express themselves? The challenge is that in most decision making, democracy (consensus) is ignored and those with the official authority to make a certain decision do what is best for themselves and impose their decision on society. In comes the spin-doctor...

For instance, company CEOs often look after their pockets more keenly than they listen to the owners (principals) of the firm – the shareholders. Even when shareholders attend annual general meetings, until recently, their grievances were just "considered" but the resultant action was beyond their control despite them being the owners of the firm.

When do you think people off all races, sexes, religions, etc will ever have mutual respect for each other?

Why do we live in hypocrisy? I don’t mean having another personality that nobody knows about (see a shrink) but having a blatantly different set of rules in society for different groups. Off course, everyone wants to be better off but these days, it seems, it is at the expense of someone else (forget pareto optimality). Every last man wants to shut the door of opportunity behind them.

Some individuals are indeed above the law. Off course nobody would admit to it because we all want to feel as though justice is really blind. However, I submit to you that celebrities can escape your everyday litigation purely because they are celebrities. How’s that for blind justice?

Justice is not blind, it wears a dark pair of sunglasses that give the impression that it is blind. If a computer were the judge, I wonder whether society would be fairer. It is now commonplace for parents to tell their children that life is not fair. How sad !!!


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